Scientific Advisory Board

Ockham Oncology’s internationally acclaimed Scientific Advisory Board sets high clinical standards and advises oncology clients.

Composed of respected physicians and oncology researchers, Ockham Oncology’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is chaired by Clare Wareing, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer of Ockham Oncology. The SAB ensures that the extensive clinical expertise of board members is shared during pre-clinical and clinical trial planning.

By engaging experts to assist with and review research, Ockham Oncology reinforces its commitment to oncology drug development and reaffirms its mission to provide superlative clinical support in developing new cancer treatments.

Scientific Advisory Board members are oncology experts with extensive experience in varied treatment modalities. Board members have credentials in both solid and liquid tumor indications as well as supportive care and biosimilars areas.

The physicians and researchers were recruited because of their clinical success in disciplines essential to improve formulations that help with chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies and related approaches; these include gene therapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapies and cellular-based agents.

Ockham Oncology’s Scientific Advisory Board members are:

  • Clare Wareing, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer, Ockham Oncology, founder and  Chief Executive Officer of Nexus Oncology prior to the Ockham acquisition
  • Gary Acton, M.D., a U.K.-based physician with extensive global hematology and solid tumor experience
  • Andrew Saunders, M.D., a U.K.-based physician with extensive global hematology and solid tumor experience
  • Ed Schnipper, M.D., a U.S.-based oncologist with a successful track record in corporate drug development

This group has worked collectively on more than 15 successful New Drug Applications (NDA) over the last two decades with well-known agents such as Letrazole, Capecitabine, Ruxolitinib, Clofaribine, Gemcitabine, Rituxan®, Doxil®, GMCSF (Leukine®), Abiraterone, oral Fludarabine, CAMPATH®, Trastuzumab, Amifostine, Tositumomab, and Interferon Gamma.

Ockham Oncology President Mike Enright said the Scientific Advisory Board will help Ockham develop a distinctive approach to pre-clinical planning in which the company partners earlier with clients to develop strategic clinical processes to reduce costs, accelerate formulations and achieve goals more efficiently.

“These physicians and researchers – and their excellent reputations – will be part of our overall effort to continue to build on Ockham’s oncology leadership,” said Enright. “They ensure that we will have the expertise to help our sponsors who share our commitment to industry-leading research and clinical expertise.”

The professional achievements of the Scientific Advisory Board members are summarized below:


Clare Wareing, Ph.D., Chair

clare-wareingAfter completing successful undergraduate studies and training in cell biology, Dr. Wareing earned a Ph.D. in multi-drug resistance in solid tumors. After moving into oncology drug development in the pharmaceutical industry in 1989, she continued to work exclusively in oncology and worked for a number of companies on a wide range of solid and liquid tumor programs. Dr. Wareing holds a B.Sc. from Coventry University; she earned her  doctorate from Edinburgh University.

Gary Acton, M.D.

gary-actonTrained in general medicine and oncology, Dr. Acton has 20 years of pharmaceutical experience. His work has been focused in oncology drug development and has held a wide range of senior positions including clinical, commercial and corporate roles.


Andrew Saunders, M.D.

andrew-saundersDr. Saunders has spent 15 years in pharmaceutical medicine with an exclusive focus on hematology/oncology. He has expertise in all stages of oncology drug development and has worked on a range of oncology indications including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer (SCLC and NSCLC), NHL, B-CLL, multiple myeloma, and AML (adult and pediatric).

Ed Schnipper, M.D.

ed-schnipperWith fellowship specialization in hematology and oncology covering more than 20 years, Dr. Schnipper began his career in the pharmaceutical industry at Hoffman-La Roche. As Section Head of Oncology for the United States, he led several projects and two FDA drug approvals, one for alpha interferon (Roferon) and one for rans-retinoic acid (Vesanoid).