Functional Service Provider

Our FSP network is your direct, on-demand resource. Since 1992, we have supported pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and CRO clients with this innovative model. Combining our network of pre-screened clinical professionals with our experienced employees allows us to build teams quickly with the option to scale up or down when your project requirements change. These individuals develop and hone technical skills that can be transferred across multiple projects to provide cost-effective, high-quality service.

Ockham Source FSP provides core competencies in monitoring, statistical analysis and data management. We measure your resource needs against our global talent network to design a plan that will manage costs today and in the future.

As a strategic partner, we invest time listening to the client as well as recruiting the talent. Each FSP client has distinctive needs; Ockham Source FSP strives to understand those needs before the work begins. We customize the talent acquisition process and solution to create customizable solutions that result in clinical success.